My Monkey Mind – A Meditation Journal #7

Hello bloggies, I’ve not updated you with my meditation journal in a while and I thought that I should just because…

I’ve managed to achieve over 60 days of meditation with at least one session before missing a day (just in the last week). I felt really good about this and I’ve not let missing a day bother me.

I’ve started listening to a few guided meditations to mix things up a bit – I have mixed feelings on this as I’m not really working to quieten my mind I’m listening to someone else talk so I’ve also been spending time outside and listening to nature as well and the sound of the wind or whatever else is around me which is quite peaceful.

What I would like to do is extend the time of some of my sessions to be a little longer, it’s just finding the time where I don’t get disturbed.

Once other thing… I’m not sure why but I’m feeling more angry at the moment and I don’t know why.

Thanks for listening

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Beastie adventures from earlier in the year

Earlier in the year was looking a bit grim for a few reasons so it was nice to get invited to get away for a few days in the remotes of Devon. Needless to say there were a few beastie adventures to be had…

I wasn’t aware that Slartibartfast had tagged along until he grinned at me during my morning walk…

Look at that smile! As is usual he pops up in the most unexpected places.

He wanted to see the views… shame they didn’t come out – it was a bit bleak.

He seemed to think that other Beaties lived around these parts and had a look. He didn’t find any and it was wet and cold. With no view there was no point being out. But he had fun getting out and about anyway.

He’s thinking that we should go somewhere sunny and with a better view. He seems to be looking back at Ireland with rose coloured glasses. Maybe one day…

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